Election Day

It’s Sunday, election day… and I’m scared. I’m afraid this might be a turning point for our lives here in Germany. It’s the election where an extreme right party might become the third strongest party in our parliament. The people in this party are among the worst our country brings forth. The AfD (Alternative für Deutschland – Alternative for Germany) and the whole movement behind it is horrifying. Lots of people will vote for them because they are not satisfied with the current government and politics in general.

A Blog Definition

You do what? What is blogging? But… Why? I don‘t get it. I had some conversations like this in the past. “Normal people“ don‘t understand why anybody would take a relatively large amount of time to write about whatever and put it somewhere on the internet, exposing themselves, giving away a lot of private information. Should I try to explain it to them? Would they understand? I know about all the good reasons for blogs, microblogs, adding and owning content etc.


Ever since I learned the Swedish language for my time at a university in this beautiful country, there was one word that especially spoke to me. It probably is the word that describes the Swedish culture the best. It’s not just a word… it’s a way of life, a way of thinking. I somehow feel connected to it.